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A setting where relaxation and breathtaking scenery create the right combination so you won't get bored.



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Travel Tips

Just 15 kilometers from Syracuse, on the eastern coast of Sicily, Fontane Bianche (so called due to the numerous natural sources of fresh water)

 is the ideal place to relax and today represent the right place to rediscover one's ideal rhythms, away from dallo daily stress.

The strategic geographical position allows you to visit archaelogical, historical landscape and naturalistic sites with short journeys and above all the wonderful natural reserves of Gelsomineto, Calamosche and Vendicari. Fontane Bianche is the perfect point for your  excursions: Noto – Ortigia – Avola – Cava Grande- Siracusa – Taormina – Monte Etna – Ragusa – Ibla – Modica, are just some of the most visited tourist desinations in the world.  Hard to get bored whether you love absolute relaxation or you are a fan of excursions this is the right place for you.




Just a few kilometers from Elsa Garden, Noto is a splendid pearl set like a jewel in the most beautiful part of easer Sicily. Defined as the “capital of Barocco”, it has been a Unesco heritage sit since 2002. Historic palaces, theaters, magnificent avenues and museum intertwine, drawing a truly marvelous urban architecture.


But what is possible to visit during an excursion outside the city. Noto also lends itself perfectly to a one-day itinerary. Follow our advice: we list the must-see sights to visit Noto in a day.


  1. Start at the Porta Reale (Royal Gate), a beautiful triumphal arch dating back to the 19th century that welcomes you to the town. The Porta Reale was designed and built on the occasion of the visit of Ferdinand II, the King of the Two Sicilies.
  2. At this point you come to Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the main street to be followed strictly with your nose to the sky to discover the architectural beauty of the historical buildings.
  3. On the Corso you will find the church of Santa Chiara: a true spectacle for lovers of art and architecture. Visit this Baroque treasure to discover stuccoes, paintings and sculptures and then climb up to the terrace to enjoy an unprecedented panoramic view of Noto. At sunset it is breathtaking.
  4. The cathedral of Noto dominates the historic centre. This precious 18th century building is the centrepiece of the old town. Sit on the steps for a break with an ice cream and admire the splendid theatre opposite 
  5. Take a parallel to the corso, Via Nicolaci, and visit the splendid Palazzo Nicolaci, a noteworthy aristocratic residence.

And then get lost. Noto in a day will give you unforgettable hours.




Also known as Mongibello, it is the largest volcano in Europe. It watches over Sicily and often makes itself heard. The Sicilians know that there is nothing to fear and they also know that the spectacle it offers is worth a few roars. On 21 June 2013, the XXXVII session of the UNESCO Committee included Etna in the list of World Heritage Sites.


This spectacle of nature attracts tourists from all over the world because it offers unique and unrepeatable suggestions. If you are lucky enough to visit, you can reach Etna in less than an hour by car. In the meantime, you can admire what awaits you through these images by Marco Restivo that ended up in National Geographic.


The highest authority on natural beauty dedicated a long reportage to the last five years of Etna's activity: lava flows, brilliant fountains, the black of the rock and the white of the snow. It is an enchanted place where you have the opportunity to admire it far and wide thanks to the many guides and tours that will allow you to live an unrepeatable experience. Whether it is snow-covered or not, it will certainly give you strong emotions that you will carry in your heart forever.


The most beautiful beaches of Syracuse

The most beautiful beaches of Syracuse

The coast of Syracuse is one of the most beautiful in all of Siciliy, but it is è safe to say that is one of the most popular in all of Europe (and tourists who come from all over the world testify to this). 

Wild coves, transparent waters, unspoilt vegetation and fine, clear sand. The ingredients for a dream holiday are all there. But which beaches are not to be missed? Here is our selection.


Fontane Bianche

Practically a few metres from Elsa Garden, this beach is very popular with families for its always warm waters and shallow waters for several dozen metres. The sea is limpid and decidedly crystal clear.



In general, the whole reserve is worth a visit, but this little beach is really scenic because it is a cove between the sand and the rock with lots of fish. Getting there is not very comfortable: you have to walk about ten minutes through the Mediterranean maquis, but it is worth it!



An extended beach for those seeking a bit more privacy and tranquillity. Over the years it has been 'discovered' by many tourists, but the jasmine grove that protects it makes it decidedly more private than many other local beaches.



A seaside village to be experienced not only on the beach but also in the village. The ideal combo? A day lying in the sun on the golden sand and an evening in the village under the stars and the moon.



is one of Syracuse's beaches par excellence. Its special feature? It is a 'living' beach, which changes every year and is transformed according to the will of the sea and the wind. Here, nature reigns supreme.